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Server changelog

Update list #34
2020-10-28 02:01:38
Easy x100 updates: 
  • Maximum group size available for BG registration has been increased from 3 players to 5 
  • Weakened creatures in heroic raids (damage/hp * modifier) 
  • Serpent Shrine: modifier 1.4 -> 1.3
  • Black Temple: modifier 0.9 -> 0.7
  • SWP: modifier 0.75 -> 0.6
  • All bosses in Heroic Raids how drops 1 Antique Key
  • Fixed incorrect rating display for a solo 3v3 team
  • Now, at the start of a solo 3v3 arena battle, the correct information is displayed about how much rating will be received upon victory or taken away upon loss
  • New event available "World Bosses"! https://moonwell.ws/news-530
  • New command available: .deltransmog [item_link], which allows you to delete saved item models for transmogrification if you have reached the limit.

Updates for all realms: