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About Moonwell x100

You're tired of pure blizzlike and long farming? We made a server where the original content and various simplifications are in perfect harmony. You no longer need to waste your time to travel without mount, leveling professions from zero, opening flight stations, completing class quests, and doing other boring things. 

At the start, you immediately get a ready-made character - you just have to level up to level 70. It is easy to do with x100 rates! After that, you can quickly get A0 PvP equipment or farm badges with an increased rate. And then - conquer the arena, battlegrounds or endgame instances!

The server will be interesting for both PvP players and PvE!

Our project is live since 2011. We are the most popular TBC server in Russia, and now we are ready to accept English-speaking players and provide them with technical support if required. All game data is also translated to English.

  • Open date: 26.12.2020 12:00 (GMT+3).
  • Stable server: no wipes guaranteed.
  • Game version: 2.4.3 TBC.
  • Blizzlike content: excluding modifications described on this page.
  • Rates: exp/quests ั…100, drop ั…10 (legendary ั…1), gold ั…5, honor points ั…2, BG marks ั…1, reputation ั…10, profession ั…5, badges ั…3, arena points ั…1 (flush every 3 days), BOJ x3, weapon skills x100.
  • Creature weakening: all damage reduced by 50% (HP 100%, blizzlike).
  • Badges for kills in BG: when you kill players in battlegrounds you receive BOJ.
  • Badges are tradable: exchange with other players using badges as currency, or farm them to gear your twinks faster or help your friends at the start
  • Spell auto training: when getting a new level, spells learning automatically and free. No need to run to the city to the trainer and spend gold.
  • Starting items: when creating a character, you get an unlimited 100% ground mount, as well as 4 bags for 14 slots.
  • Profession skills: upon training raising up to 300/375.
  • Profession count: limited to 2
  • More resources: the number of herbs, ore and fish spawns has doubled.
  • Unlimited profession recipes in vendors: according to blizzlike you can buy only 1 recipe every 12 hours, but we do not have this limitation.
  • Progressive: BT, Hyjal and ZA will open 8 Jan. SWP will open 6 Feb. Next - original quest chains to open SWP doors.
  • A4 shoulders: requires 2200 personal rating to buy. Prices for all other parts are original.
  • Cheap A0 set: prices for High Warlord's/Marshal's parts has been significantly reduced (each item costs 2 WSG marks). You can easily get dressed into PvP equipment and go to the arena!
  • Horde and Alliance together: players of different factions can form groups, see chat, join guilds and play together in BG.
  • Solo 3ั…3 arena: no need to find teammates to play arena!
  • Donations without P2W: shop items will be added based on server progress. It will not be possible to buy equipment that cannot be obtained in the game (for example, from closed instances).
  • Shattrath reworked: it's now universal zone where allowed dueling and all custom NPCs can be found.
  • Realm type FFA. After reaching level 70, you automatically become hostile to all players (even your faction) outside the city.
  • Flight stations: all opened.
  • Resurrection by Spirit Healer: no penalties until level 70.
  • Portals: in starting locations there is a portal to the capital, and from the capitals you can quickly get to other cities of your faction and Shattrath.
  • No need to do class quests: characters are created immediately with class quest spells and items (stances for warrior, totems for shamans, taming skill for hunters, etc.).
  • Training dummies: which will help you check your DPS, healing and tanking efficiency.
  • Improved graphics: you can install HD models from Warlords of Draenor, or you can not if you want nostalgia.
  • Ingame donate shop: say .shop into the chat, chose the item and immediately buy it. Conveniently!
  • Referral system: inviting friends, you can receive many useful bonuses!
  • Unique mount vendors: for certain achievements you can get very rare legendary mounts. Vendors are located near the center of Shattrath.
  • Arena seasons: every 3 months we determine best players in the 2v2 arena. As a reward, they are given gladiatorial capes and dragons that cannot be obtained in any other way, not even donation.
  • Simplified duels: reset CD and restore HP/mana before each duel.
  • Premium account: allowing you to have access to repair items, mail, auction, reset talents, etc. anywhere.
  • Game map: fully open.
  • Flexible transmogrification: you can change the appearance of equipment you are wearing with any items that you can get! For example, mages can change their armor to plate and wear a two-handed axe instead of staff!
  • Anticheat: blocking all cheats.
  • Arena spectator: you can watch other arena matches.