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Sniping in arena

We've introduced an update that will make sniping in arena harder. For those who do not know the meaning of this term: "Sniping" is when one arena team deliberately takes action in order to play against a certain team, for example, to down their rating, or go against a comfortable setup.
  • When a player enters the arena, nickname, class and race in /who are no longer hidden, as it was before, and displayed zone remains the one in which the arena was registered (if registered in Shattrath, then when you are in the arena, it will show that you are in Shattrath). Thus, it will be impossible to understand whether the player is in the arena or not.
  • Global messages about the end of arena battle no longer write team ratings.
  • Arena Spectator can no longer be used for 10 minutes if you played a ranked arena. The restriction works on the player's IP, so sniping with twinks will not work.