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Update list #41

Update List:
  • Skinning loot now has doubled loot count.
  • Fishing loot now has doubled loot count.
  • Fixed known bugs with an infinite combat (including worms at Thrallmar, dead NPCs, etc.)
  • The maximum message length for .guild announce has been increased from 100 characters to 150 characters.
  • Honor rates now affect quests and any other sources (you will get increased honor amount according to rates x2).
  • Fixed a bug with the spectator's flight aura, which remained on the spectator after leaving the arena.
  • Rollback of recent fixes for boss Al'ar. It should work correctly now.
  • The guild announcement is now shown to players of all factions, not just the guild GM faction.
  • The damage from the priest's Reflective shield talent no longer removes the effects of invisibility, polymorph, and other similar spells.
  • All pets now correctly introduce their master into battle.
  • Correction of all spells that have the ability to give the player immunity to spells that put to flight.
  • Added a mailbox near the auctioneer in Shattrath City
  • Added a message with useful links when entering the game
  • Fixed faction bugs on Alterac.
  • Fixed the quest "Teron Gorefiend, I am...".
  • Rewritten the handling of all sums controlled by the player.
  • Maximum group size for BG registration is now 2 players.