Moonwell x100
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Moonwell x3
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Update list #39

Moonwell x100 updates:
  • Weapon buffs (wf, poisons, etc.) now have their original durations.
  • Added multiple restrictions to join solo 3v3 arena: a PvP trinket is required, total ilvl of equipment must be above a certain level, tank specs and items are prohibited.
  • Book removed [Master First Aid - Doctor in the House] due to bugs and unnecessary.

All realms updates:
  • Fixed a bug that allowed to open chests ignoring the level requirement.
  • Fear aura is no longer applied when immuning certain spells, which was misleading.
  • Forbidden to summon Infernal and Doomguard in Capitals and Shattrath City.
  • Fixed several reasons that led to a server crash.