Moonwell x100
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Moonwell x3
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Update list #38

Moonwell x100 updates: 
  • Fixed issues with visibility range. 
  • Multiple geodata fixes. 
  • BOJ fragments on BG will no longer be awarded if you are dead. 
  • Added a forge at Profession Trainer in Shattrath City. 
  • Prince Malchezaar and the Watcher in Karazhan now drop 3 tokens, instead of one
  • The number of BOJ in chests and quests has been increased by 3 times in accordance with the rates (you need to delete the Cache folder)
  • Mounts from Antique Chest are now suitable for all races
  • Fixed cause of server crash
  • Donate shop update
  • Transmogrification is now available to all players! The device itself and batteries for it can be bought for gold from Gritena in Shattrath, or in a donat store at a better price.
  • Added blizzlake cd for transmutation
  • In SSK, trash no longer moves in a state of fear, as this led to falls from platforms