Moonwell x100
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Moonwell x3
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Update list #37

Moonwell x100 changes: 
Badges on BG are no longer awarded for killing (last hitting) players. Instead, for every enemy player killed, you and all allies within the honored kill radius will receive 1 Badge of Justice Fragment. 5 fragments can be combined into one Badge of Justice.
Druids no longer have Flight Form on character creation. This spell now needs to be learned in the usual way, or buy a flying mount, like all other classes.
Fixed all loot in the Antique Chest
Temporarily removed some restrictions for a single 3x3 arena

Premium account upgrade:
After activating the premium account, when you first enter the game, a Telefort Book will be added to your bag, which can be used until the expiration date of the premium. With the help of this book, you can quickly teleport to various locations without wasting time on flights or traveling on foot.

Donate store update:
Added premium account scrolls
XP potion added