Moonwell x100
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Moonwell x3
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Update list #36

Moonwell x100 changes:
  • Appearance of starting mount was changed 
  • New characters get "Novice Chests" when created, which partially help to solve the problem of a large difference in the rates for experience and drop 
  • Visual update for Shattrath City! All custom NPCs are now in one place, objects have been added for better perception 
  • Changed the spawn starting point when teleporting to Shattrath, Orgrimmar and Stormwind through portals
  • Changed size of starting bags from 10 slots to 14
  • Removed the limit on the purchase of recipes for professions from sellers
  • The number of herbs, ore and fish pools in world has been doubled
  • Changing some game messages
  • Minor fixes / changes to some items
  • Auctioneer added to Shattrath City
  • Corpses of normal creatures now disappear after five minutes, instead of one
  • If you kill the same player in BG more than 10 times, you will no longer receive badges for him