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Moonwell x3
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Update list #31

  • For a victory in BG, 100 honor is now awarded (at rates x1, 300 at x3, etc.)
  • The reward (honor) for completing BG tasks has been increased by 2 times (capturing flags, holding points ...)
  • Temporarily canceled recent fixes to stacks of auras
  • Additional localization for texts in BG
Easy x100 updates
  • BG is now closed from 2 am to 9 am
  • NPC Grithena, with whom it was previously possible to exchange Signs of Triumph, now exchanges honor for various items, including a new very valuable ground mount "Bronze Dragon" and "Ethereal Chest". She can also exchange arena points for honor points.
  • All players have Marks of Triumph replaced with Antique Keys (100 characters = 1 key) and sent by mail. The leftovers were replaced with honor (1 character = 175 honor)
  • Honor rate decreased from x5 to x3 (due to the change in rates for completing BG tasks)
  • Honor points can now only be earned on Battlegrounds.
  • Added racial transform shirts, which, when equipped, visually change the character's race, while retaining the appearance of the equipped and transmogrified equipment. You can change the appearance parameters. You can buy shirts at a donat store at a 25% discount until July 20.
Moonwell x3 updates
  • Honor rate decreased from x4 to x3 (due to the change in rates for completing BG tasks)
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Update #31.1
Easy x100 updates
  • Отключены квесты для обмена марок на хонор.

Update #31.2
Easy x100 updates
  • Fixed all currently known bugs with racial shirts: model disappearance after exiting any form (druid, Noggenfogel elixir, etc.), incorrect work with capes with auras, minor visual bugs with transmography, rare bugs when changing the appearance of an NPC
  • It is forbidden to use the teleportation book in BG and arena
Moonwell x3 updates
  • BG is now open at any time

Update #31.3
Easy x100 updates
  • BG stamps can now be exchanged for honor at the rate of 3 of each stamp = 300 honor
  • Winning BG now awards 12 marks, and loses 3
  • Removed bonus honor for winning BG
  • The racial shirt model now persists after death

Update #31.4
Easy x100 updates
  • Solo Arena 3x3: Deserter aura duration when receiving enough complaints (.report) increased to 24 hours.
  • Deserter aura for single player 3x3 arena and BG are now different.
  • When changing the appearance of an NPC, all possible appearance parameters are now available when wearing a racial shirt
Updates for all game worlds
  • Localization for NPC changing appearance

Update #31.5
Easy x100 updates
  • Deserter's BG aura is no longer removed when entering the arena
  • Grithena now exchanges BG stamps for Honor
  • Disabled all blizzlike quests that give honor as a reward
  • Changed prices for some items at Grithena