Easy x100
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Moonwell x3
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Update list #33

Sunwell Plateau
  • Fixed patrol movement in front of Kalecgos
  • Felmyst - now if raid wipes, skeletons will disappear over time
  • Pathfinding disabled for several mobs approaching Eredar Twins to avoid getting stuck on stairs
  • Sunblade Scout - search distance for nearest Sunblade Protector was decreased 
  • Sunblade Protector - spawn added
Black Temple
Hyjal Summit
  • Personal recipes in loot will now be visible only to owners of corresponding profession
 Gruul's Lair
  • C'Thun - added interrupt and disarm immunity. Increased distance to allow attack in meele. Fixed bug report #5637
Molten Core
  • Lucifron - guards added to boss group. Fixed bug report #5636
Hellfire Ramparts
  • The number of possible spawns of grass and ore in locations Shadowmoon Valley, Blade's Edge Mountains and Netherstorm has been increased by 20% 

Changes for Easy x100
  • Reduced player level requirements for wearing some items.  Fixed bug reports #5629#5634