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Update list #30

  • The client function "Pass on Loot" has been implemented - now the player will be able to completely automatically ignore the pop-up window with loot. Fixed bug report #5482
  • Players can now receive buffs from her when picking outland herbs
  • The mechanic of applying debuffs to the target has been implemented. Fixed bug report #5389
Instances Sunwell Plateau
  • M'uru - reduced the number of resists. Fixed bug report #5499
  • Now the boss Muru and the boss Entropius will not slow down (knock down) the caste of players with their spell Negative Energy
Tempest Keep: The Eye
  • Al'ar will now move between 6 platforms instead of 4
  • High Astromancer Solarian now has less delay between Arcane Missiles
  • Fixed casting Mark of Solarian on High Astromancer Solarian
  • High Astromancer Solarian can now taunt
  • Fixed the Binding Light spell timer for the High Astromancer Solarian to be used more frequently
  • High Astromancer Solarian's first use of fear in void form will be cast faster than before
  • During the void phase, the boss will switch to melee damage to the Arcane
  • Added a visual channeling spell for robots for Tempest-Smith NPCs
Serpentshrine Cavern Gruul's Lair 
  • Now all static mobs spawn randomly as Lair Brute and Gronn-Priest
  • Gronn-Priest - fixed AI
Mana-Tombs The Slave Pens
  • Luma Skymother - now spawns on heroics
  • Ahune - drop Formula: Enchant Weapon - Deathfrost will only be visible to enchanters
  • Players can now summon Lord Ahune on Heroic Dungeon difficulty countless times, provided the previous summon is dead and some time has passed since his death
Существа Задания Easy x100 updates: Общее
  • Battlemasters now have access to a daily PvP quest: win 3 times in Battlegrounds and play 10 games in a 2v2 arena. As a reward, you can choose a goblin battery, 2 sunwell chests, or 10 buff scrolls.
  • When creating a character, Caskets with a surprise and a Novice's Chest are no longer issued.
  • The teleportation book is now free for everyone. You can buy it from any inkeeper.
  • When creating a character, an unlimited 100% mount and a Teleportation Book are now issued.
  • The ability to immediately raise the level to 70 for the murloc in the starting location has become available.
  • Sellers of free Rare level 115 equipment are located in the capitals.
  • Ethereal Chest added to the donate shop. Until June 29, the price has been reduced by 50%!
  • The last bosses of heroic raids BT and SWP drop Ethereal Chest.
  • All those who bought the Teleportation Book in the donate store before the update were returned 100% coins.
  • Some system messages have been changed.
Instances Serpentshrine Caverns
  • Fixed intro event Hydross the Unstable in heroic dungeon. Fixed bug report #5491

Update #30.1
Easy x100 updates
  • Aura capes can no longer be worn in the arena. Removed all effects except visual.
  • Returned new spell mechanics for testing purposes.
  • The daily PvP mission now requires an additional 10 games in a single 3v3 arena.

Update #30.2
Easy x100 updates
  • Aura capes now resume upon death.

Update #30.3
Easy x100 updates
  • Fixed all known issues with aura capes.
  • Most likely the problem of inability to authorize in the client after entering an incorrect password has been fixed.
Moonwell x3 updates
  • Alliance and Horde players can now be on the same arena team.

Update #30.4
Easy x100 updates
  • The old formula for calculating the rating for the 2x2 arena has been returned (takes less - gives more).
  • Now when deleting a character, the 3x3 team is automatically deleted

Update #30.5
Easy x100 updates
  • [Nigh Invulnerability Belt] now requires level 70
  • The tabard model is no longer displayed when putting on cape with auras
  • In the daily mission [To Arms! Arena and Battlefields] now you need to win 5 battles in 2x2 and 3x3 arenas, instead of 10 participation. You must delete the Cache folder to update the description in the game.
  • The player limit has been temporarily removed for all BGs. This will help to avoid situations when one BG is already filled and a new one is created with an insufficient number of players.
Changes for all game worlds
  • [Flask of Petrification] now removes all magic buffs on use
  • [Angler's Chair] can no longer be used inside dungeons

Update #30.6
Easy x100 updates
  • Various Twink Item Vendors have been added to Faction Capitals.

Update #30.7
Changes for all game worlds
  • The system for processing invites and balancing BG has been changed. Now, when registering for an existing BG, you will be called immediately without waiting (in the primade too). New players always join a smaller team. To ensure better team balance, the maximum size of a primade group is limited to three players.
  • Fixed Kael'thas Sunstrider
  • Fixed aura giving instant spell casting before the start of BG/Arena.

Update #30.8
Easy x100 updates
  • Added announces for Ethereal Chest
  • Solo arena 3x3: information about the rating of your team and the enemy is now written when the gate is opened
Changes for all game worlds
  • Implemented localization support for some texts (mainly BG and gossip-NPC)
  • All unlockable items (with loot) now become personalized after the first opening
  • Fixed announcements when opening a Chest with Antiques
  • Fixed Kael'thas Sunstrider (re-fix)
  • Minor code optimization
  • Increased the time spent in the character selection menu (to kick)