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Update list #29

List of updates from May 31 to June 11. Easy x100 updates General
  • Fixed some bugs in PVP master and stamps exchanger
  • Team ratings can now drop below 1500
  • Fixed bugs with crystal in the arena
  • Rewrote some informative messages

Update #29.1
Easy x100 updates
  • Fixed crystal for 3x3 arena
  • Losing in a 3x3 arena alone takes 25% less rating (it was 50%).
  • A ladder for 3x3 arena added to battlemaster
  • Now it is impossible to register for a single 3x3 arena if all items are not equipped (there are free slots).

Update #29.2
Easy x100 updates
  • Losing in a 3x3 arena alone takes 50% less rating
  • Winning a 3v3 solo arena gives you 50% less rating

Update #29.3
Easy x100 updates
  • In a solo 3x3 arena, it is forbidden to participate in players who have too low an item level or have more than three items with defense / dodge / parry / block modifiers (tanks are not allowed to participate).
  • One Antique Key is required to register a team in a 3x3 arena single player (anti-retim measure).
  • For a single player 3x3 arena rating, you cannot buy equipment that requires a rating of 2050 or more.

Update #29.4
Easy x100 updates
  • Reworked the rating formula for the single player 3x3 arena.
  • Removed the Antique Key requirement to register a 3x3 Arena team. The keys will be returned to everyone. Now the 3x3 team simply cannot be deleted.

Update #29.5
Easy x100 updates
  • Implemented a non-rated 2x2 arena for 19 levels. The registration tab is available from the Battlemaster in the center of Shattrath and the capitals.
  • You can now use 60% and 100% mounts and learn how to ride them at level 19 (you need to delete the Cache folder so that the changes become visible in the game).
  • Solo arena 3x3: If a player leaves the arena ahead of schedule, the deserter mask is applied instantly. Also added a check to exit the game and exit the arena when it has already started.
  • Solo arena 3x3: The number of arena points awarded has been reduced by 2 times.
Moonwell x3 updates
  • Reduced the requirement for stamps to open the last gate in Sunwell.

Update #29.6
Easy x100 updates
  • Solo arena 3x3: One team can no longer have more than two heals.
  • Solo arena 3x3: The rating formula has been changed.
  • Solo arena 3x3: Added talent checks for paladins and warriors, which prohibit registration in tank spec.
  • Training dummies have been added to the duel zone.
  • In BG and arena, only players of level 19 and 70 (in different braces) can now participate.
  • The Battlemaster, located in the center of Shattrath City and capitals, can now register level 19 players to BG.

Update #29.7
Easy x100 updates
  • On BG for 19 levels are prohibited: Goblin MineGnomish Mind Control CapArcane Bomb.
  • Shining Buff Scroll now requires level 70.
  • The quest for receiving the Marks of Triumph is now available at level 19.
  • Spells for summoning succubus, felhound and infernal are now trained at the appropriate level (20, 30, 50). Druids learn tier 2 bear form at level 40. These spells have been removed from players level 19 and below.
  • Solo arena 3x3: If the invitation to the arena has not been accepted, then a deserter mask is hung on the player.
  • Solo arena 3x3: When entering the arena, players are written the average rating of enemy players and how much rating will be gained / lost in case of victory / defeat.

Update #29.8
Easy x100 updates
  • Solo arena 3x3: The rating formula has been changed.
  • Solo arena 3x3: The rating change is now based on your team's average rating, rather than your personal rating.
  • Solo arena 3x3: You must now have a Horde Medallion / Alliance Medallion (blue or epic) to participate.
  • Some bombs/grenades are prohibited on BG for 19 levels

Update #29.9
Easy x100 updates
  • All enchantments in the donate shop now require level 70
  • Some items are prohibited in BG for 19 levels
  • Changed the level requirement for some items (prohibits wearing at level 19).
  • Now, when a battle ends in a rating arena, an announcement is made in the chat for the entire server.

Update #29.1
0 Easy x100 updates
  • Players from level 10 to 19 inclusive are allowed to participate in the BG.
  • Removed level requirement for 60% and 100% mounts.
  • Using the .arenabgann command, you can now disable BG and arena announcements in the global chat.
  • Solo arena 3x3: Implemented a system of complaints about inactive and succumbing players (.report nickname). Under certain conditions, a player who receives too many complaints will be denied access to the arena for two hours. This system does not negate the possible penalty under rule 3.3.
  • Removed the Eye of Kilrogg morph in arena spectator mode.