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Update list #28

List of updates from May 14th to May 31st. General
  • Fixed accrual of experience in a raid group
  • Players can now move the quiver and bandolier between slots. Fixed bug report #224
Classes Druid
  • Fixed abuse with extra speed of druid form fly through logout
  • Improved positioning of players on curved surfaces after using the Shadowstep spell (for example, climbing the bridge in the Blades Edge arena)
  • After resetting talents and re-learning Divine Spirit, the mass version of the buff will be learned automatically
  • Fixed the accrual of experience to a pet when the player is in a group. Fixed bug report #432
  • The hunter cannot cast Misdirection on a target if the target already has this spell from another player on it. Fixed bug report #1589
  • Fixed pets autocast while out of combat. Fixed bug report #606
  • Hunters will no longer be able to abuse some of the spells of pets that had problems with reloading spells (the client visually displays, but casting is still possible). Fixed bug report #521
  • Fixed a bug where in some cases the pet bar did not appear for hunters after using the Eagle Eye spell. Fixed bug report #5458
  • After using the Kill Command ability, mana will no longer be consumed if the pet has no target. Fixed bug report #787
  • Added slow falling effect for the Eye of Kilrogg
  • Eye of Kilrogg - increased health points and speed
  • Fixed Doomguard summoning. Fixed bug report #1358
Items Instances Serpentshrine Caverns
  • Added intro event to summon water elementals for the boss Hydross the Unstable
  • Added visual intro event for the Leotheras the Blind boss
  • Added an event to summon a demon during phase change for the boss Leotheras the Blind
  • Now when the water boils, a dead fish will appear in it
  • Fixed mushroom casting for NPC Serpentshrine Lurker and its immunity to mechanics
  • Improved AI for NPC Underbog Colossus
  • Minions at The Lurker Below boss will now move to their positions from afar instead of spawning at the endpoint
Zul'Gurub Ahn'Qiraj  Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj Sunwell Plateau
  • Fixed the display of the ice wall during the intro event of the boss Brutallus
Creatures Quests Other
  • Easy x100: Added "back" button in PVP master in all submenus
  • Easy x100: Disabled event for heroic bookmakers, which accidentally opened one of the instances and closed all the others. Now you can enter any heroic BC.
  • Moonwell x3: Redesigned daily arena / bg: now, in addition to the guaranteed 10 badges, it will be possible to choose a reward between AP, honor and key. Requirements for execution remain the same
  • Added "refresh" button in spectator arena

Update #28.1
  • Easy x100: Changed damage/HP modifiers in BC/classic heroics as an experiment

Update #28.2
Sunwell Plateau
  • Fixed a bug where one of the Shadowsworn Assasins escaped during combat
Update #28.3
  • Easy x100:Added a chest containing 19 aura shirts (скриншоты). Auras are applied to the player when the cape is put on and have only a visual effect. The first chest will be given to the winner of event. You can get acquainted with the chances of a drop of a particular shirt here.