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Update list #27

List of updates from April 15 to May 14. General
  • Improved the number of attempts to mine ore from one vein
  • Fixed all bugs related to loot from items
  • Now players who have failed in the arena under the texture will be teleported to the last correct point in the arena itself within 0.5-3 seconds, and also the calculation of the position for movement for all NPCs and pets in some places has been fixed. For example, now pets will not hover in front of bridges, as it was before
  • Fixed a bug where the completion button was gray when the task was completed in some cases
  • Improved AI of mobs that cast spells at a distance
  • Improved AI of mobs, now when gaining control, like Frost Nova, NPC will look for the nearest target to attack in the melee zone if necessary
  • The next BG event will not be selected randomly, but according to the sequence: WASH / EYE / WASH / ARATI / WASH ... (The BG event determines which of the BGs is currently available for registration. Each BG event lasts 40 minutes.)
  • Changed the type of message sent for the client in the presence of IP blocking for 10 minutes for frequent entering the wrong password. Earlier he wrote that "the account is blocked" - now he writes "try to log in later."
  • .server info command now contains the date of the last server update.
  • Now some passive spells (for example, the racial ability of the draenei) are displayed in the player's buff list
  • Improved the calculation of the player's final position after using spells like shadow step, blink, charge, sheep, blind. Chance of falling under textures has become slightly less
  • Disengage will now trigger the effects of equipped and enchanted items (such as poison). Fixed bug report #1248
  • Fixed a bug where the pet disappeared while interacting with the stalls. Fixed bug reports: #5284, #1602, #1463
  • The hunter can now use the "follow" command for his pet when he is in combat in states of aggression or defense. Fixed bug report #399
  • Improved the formula for calculating the mana regen for Aspect of the Viper. Fixed bug report #5439
  • Flamestrike now stacks different ranks from the same caster
  • Shadowfiend will now attack the target that was selected during the summon. Fixed bug report #5440
Instances Black Temple
  • High Nethermancer Zerevor - The Flame Strike spell can no longer be interrupted. The Dampen Magic buff will always be applied.
  • Gurtogg Bloodboil - in case of evid, players will lose their Bloodboil stacks. For Fel Rage, the boss will no longer choose warriors.
Serpentshrine Cavern Karazhan Magisters' Terrace The Shattered Halls Sethekk Halls
  • Fixed an abuse where players could go through the gate to the final boss using pets
  • Квест Brother Against Brother now can be completed in heroic
  • Shadow Labyrinth Key can now be obtained in heroics
  • Cobalt Serpent - added immunity to polymorph and loot in heroics
  • Anzu - slightly increased the chance of a mount drop
Scholomance Creatures Quests Предметы Other
  • Alchemy Lab added to Isle of Quel'Danas
Easy x100 updates
  • Hunters will no longer be able to tame pets from the universal class trainer in the PvP zone
Moonwell x3 updates
  • AP accrual will now occur every 4 days, instead of 1 time per week.

Update #27.1
  • Rollback change: Gurtogg Bloodboil - For Fel Rage, the boss will no longer choose warriors