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PvP event 1х1

This Saturday (June 6) at 20:00 Moscow time, on the Easy x100 realm there will be a 1x1 PvP event at 30 levels.

Event rules:

1x1 battles. Each participant must be strictly level 30. That is, the player must create a new character, pump him up to lvl 30. You can only select dd spec (not heal). You can hang any cups, blacksmith, patches. Dress as you like. Any banks, other people's buffs, auras, engineer, usable items from the prof are prohibited. The collection will begin approximately one hour before the start of the Event,
Whatever the place of your class and spec will not take, you can pump and dress your character in advance and write him Nick, Class, Spec in the comment under this entry, for bravo.

All Possible Classes / Specs are listed below in the questionnaire, others will not be accepted.

Opponents will be selected according to the roll-2 ejection with the maximum.

The venue is the Gurubashi Arena. Any attempt to interfere with the event is disqualified from the event and (or) freeze until the end of the event. Violation of the rules - automatic loss in battle. When recruiting, the number and spec of classes are taken into account - no more than 5 identical ones. (for example, if there are 5 ferals or already 5 druids in total, the 6th is not taken) closer to the event, the distribution rule may change slightly, depending on which classes will be less and which ones are surplus.

The winner moves on, the loser becomes the spectator.


1st place 30 antique keys
2nd place 15 antique keys
3rd place 5 antique keys