Moonwell x100
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About Moonwell x100

Moonwell x100The Burning Crusade 2.4.3 high rate server, where you don't need to spend much time for level up and farming. We've made gameplay much easier, so you can relax and get the most out of the game. Various modifications add a lot of varieties without breaking the atmosphere of this version.

Server rates

  • Experience х100
  • Drop х5 (legendary х1)
  • Reputation х10
  • Profession х5
  • Gold х5
  • Honor points х2
  • Arena points х1 (flush every 3 days)

Fast and easy level up

Leveling from 1 to 70 with rates x100 takes around one hour of time. No need to run on foot - you get a 100% ground mount on character creation. All flight paths are opened. All class spells learning automatically (including weapon skills, warrior stances, warlock demons, etc.).

А1 set for free

PvP-trinket and А1 set including weapons and offset sells for free from vendor in Shattrath City.

You can play arena or BG immediately after reaching level 70, making good competition with other players.

BOJ easy farm

[Badge of Justice] — currency that required to purchase early-game PvE equipment.

You get 3 times more badges than usual for killing bosses and completing daily quests, and for PvP fans, is available to farm badges for making kills on BG.

Badges can be transferred to other players. Want to create a twink or invite a friend? Get some badges!

Creature HP and damage reduction

HP and damage for all creatures on server are reduced by 50% from their original values. For raids there are special reductions. We give players the opportunity to relax and bypass the need to making full 25 player raids.

Due to reductions, high-level PvE equipment (ilvl 151 and higher) is limited to maintain balance in PvP. Bosses Archimonde, Illidan, and all creatures in Sunwell Plateau have reduced loot and hp/damage in normal mode, but in heroic mode their loot and stats matches original values. Yes, we have two different versions of TBC raids!

You can check loot in our database.

Sunwell Plateau
Damage -70% • HP -60% 
Heroic: No reductions
Black Temple
Damage -70% • HP -60% 
Heroic: No reductions
Hyjal Summit
Damage -70% • HP -60% 
Heroic: No reductions

Damage -50% • HP -50%
Serpentshrine Cavern
Damage -80% • HP -80%
Tempest Keep: The Eye
Damage -80% • HP -80%

Damage -50% • HP -70%
Gruul's Lair
Damage -80% • HP -70%
Magtheridon's Lair
Damage -90% • HP -80%

Transfer from any server

Exchange your account FOR FREE from Atlantiss, Warmane, Endless, Tbc5man, Smolderforge or another server for «Fast Start» service

Get 70 level, А2/PvE gear, full enchants and gems, maxed professions and anything else for a comfortable game!



Your raid needs a tank? Not enough DPS or healers? Change your talent spec from anywhere, even in a raid, with Book of Talents, which is given to all players when creating a character.

You don't have to re-place spells on panels - they are placed automatically along with talents when you change a spec!

Unique rewards

For completing various tasks, you can receive unique mounts and other cosmetic items.

For example, after you score 50.000 kills and pay 75.000 honor points, you can get a legendary Bronze Dragon mount. All players around will know about your achievement!

Simplified professions

Players can instantly train 2 professions up to skill 300/375 from a trainer in Shattrath City.

The number of plants, ore and fish points has been doubled. Skinning look is doubled.

Vendors has unlimited professions recipes.

Instance teleporter

You don't need to waste time and get to instances on mounts. There is a special NPC in Shattrath City who can teleport you to all TBC dungeons and raids for free.

Thus, it takes much less time to gather a group.


With transmogrification, players can change the appearance of equipped items, while maintaining all its characteristics.

We give players free rein! On our server, there are practically no restrictions on transmogrification. For example, you can create a mage in plate armor with a large axe in hands!

Solo 3v3 arena

To conquer the arena, you no longer need to look for teammates!

Play with random players against same random players in 3v3 rated arena and get real rating and arena points that can be used to buy any PvP equipment without any restrictions.

High quality server

Over 11 years of server living, we have made thousands bugfixes, and we continue to improve our server every day. You can find a list of all changes on this page.

All instances, bosses, battlegrounds and arenas are well scripted. Spells and talents are working correctly.

We can provide one of the best PvP quality among all The Burning Crusade servers.

Stable project

Our server has been working steadily since January 2011 and will continue to work for many years for sure.

Server administration has been true fans of the game since 2007. We like doing our job. Our goal is to breathe a second life into the TBC add-on, to create a popular server that will delight not only the players, but also ourselves. We are conscientious, honest and responsible people, which we have been proving to our players for many years.