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About Moonwell

What is the Moonwell Server?
Moonwell is a free game server for World of Warcraft The Burning Crusade version 2.4.3. Thanks to the excellent balance between hardcore vanilla and the latest expansions casual gameplay, the most creative dungeons, classic Warcraft storylines, perfect balance in PVP the TBC is one of the best addons for most players.

We have 2 Realms with different rates and features: Moonwell x3 and Moonwell x100. You can find out detailed information about them by clicking on the links.

Long-term server operation guarantee
Since January 2011 our project has been working steady and will always work. The administration staff is a true fan of the game since 2007. We love doing our thing and developing the server. Our goal is to breathe a second life into the TBC expansion, to create a popular server that will delight not only the players but also ourselves. We are conscientious, honest, and responsible people, which we have been proving to our players for many years.

Donate without Pay to Win 
There is no donation on Moonwell x3 that affects the balance. You can be sure that all your important in-game achievements will speak for themselves to others, since we do not sell valuable equipment and never will. The maximum is rare (blue) equipment of level 115 from heroics for 5 people, given after "Quick Start +" service activation.

On Moonwell x100, an assortment of items is replenished to the store, based on the server's progress. You cannot buy equipment that cannot be obtained in the game. 

Some items can only be achieved through in-game achievements. 

You can view a list of all items and services that can be obtained for a donation on this page.

High efficiency 
Server performance is as close as possible to the official one. We have produced thousands of our fixes in the core and server base, and we continue to develop. You can find a list of all changes on this page.

We have scripted all dungeons, battlegrounds, arenas. All skills and talents work. Resilience in PvP and resists works correctly. We have implemented obstacle avoidance for skills (charge, fear, etc.) and NPCs. 
A lot of visual fixes were released for a better game experience.

Promotions and bonuses for beginners 
To immediately receive a bonus at the beginning of the game, subscribe to the VKontakte newsletter! Promotions and events are being held by us constantly. You can view the current list of promotions here.

HD textures and models 
Want to replace the standard character models and NPCs with improved ones like in Warlords of Draenor? Want to have textures like Legion? Install special patches for the client! Installation instructions, screenshots, and download links are here.

Arena seasons are being held on the server. Every three months, 15 teams with the highest rating are determined, whose members will receive unique rewards: a gladiator's mount, a title, and a special tabard. You can find out more here.

Comfortable game
  • Playing on our server is free
  • Quests, texts, names of monsters, and other game content have been translated into Russian. Those who prefer English content can switch to it in the game settings
  • Our server is stored in a large European data centre, which ensures smooth operation and low ping. Internal server latency (diff) is 50ms. This provides a comfortable PvP game where a "quick response" from the server is very important
  • Donate is limited only to what is announced officially. No shadow streams and hand-drawn things

  • An anti-cheat system prevents the use of any cheats
  • A full database backup is automatically made every night to a separate backup server. The likelihood that your account and character data will be lost due to a software or hardware error and cannot be restored is almost impossible.
  • The server works 24/7. Installing updates often takes no more than 15 seconds (server reboot time). When the game world crashes (crashes, crashes), a special log file (crash log) is generated, which helps us get the necessary information to fix the error. The appearance of new crash logs is monitored, fixes are released as soon as possible.
  • Deleted characters can be restored through your Control panel within six months from the date of deletion.
  • The server is protected from DDoS attacks and other attacks that lead to incorrect server operation.
  • The Player can request evidence of his violation in the form of a screenshot in our Discord, and the Game Master who issued the punishment is obliged to provide it. The account will be immediately unbanned if the screenshot is missing or a mistake has been made.
  • If your account has a complex password, you don't have to worry - it won't be hacked. Passwords are stored only in irreversible encrypted form (sha256). Authorization is well protected from brute-force passwords. Besides, the website uses SSL encryption for data transmission for better security.

Have questions? 
Visit our FAQ section. Most likely, you will find the answer there, and if not, contact our GM. We are always happy to help!